Remember, you are a magnetic storyteller. 

If I am the coach for you, then I look forward to serving you.

1:1 VIP 1 Hour Session - Allow me the pleasure of focusing on you

I’ve been a professional speaker for over 17 years, and I’ve spent 49,984 hours speaking in front of rapt audiences. The impact of my work has been recognized in a number of publications, including The Daily Record, Ebony magazine, Be What I Want to Be magazine and The AfroAmerican Newspapers.

Over the course of my career,I've been training speakers, showing them how to refine their stories and transform them into engaging speeches. And now I want to do the same for you!


Through the VIP Power Hour Session, you'll get exclusive and customized coaching as well as access to all my expertise and years of experience, including hands-on instruction, so you can learn how to craft speeches that engage your audience on every level.


The one-on-one VIP Power Hour Session is only intended for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and storytellers who are truly ready to grab their audience’s attention and transform into a magnetic storyteller.


So … Are you ready?


Stage Ready Speaker VIP Power Hour

Lock in your seat today. If you desire to inspire action, telling stories will take you there.



  • Where: Zoom Meeting

  • What should I know:

    Take care of yourself. Take a break when needed. Arrive on time. 


    Check your email for your downloadable workbook.

    A payment plan is available. Each payment is 2 weeks apart. The entire session will be recorded and available for purchase to include in your library. 

7 Days

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