Stop Blocking the Blessing

They are dying to hear from you. To hear about your 8 year journey which will change their life in 8 minutes. Stop blocking the blessing and let your message magnify them now. 

Tequita C. Brice

Evangelist, Author and Spiritual Growth Coach

...after one session...

"This training was helpful because it gave me confidence in an area where I had always felt inferior with the first exercise: My Name Story! As a minister, I am mostly an informational speaker who can be inspirational, however, I desire to be transformational. This was wonderful, Mothyna is fabulous!"

When it comes to developing your story, I have two words to describe Mothyna, story genius!  She helps me tell your story in an emotional and compelling way that will help you connect with your audience, build credibility and more!  Thanks Mothyna for your guidance and coaching!

Jill Bulluck

The Dating Mentor, Speaker

Join a select group of speakers, trainers and coaches for Stage Ready Speakers "Origin Story"

Why the Origin Story?

Your signature speech is your why to the world. 

This event is perfect for leaders who desire to not only hold the attention of the audience, but showcase their expertise in a way that builds substantial trust. 

What strategies are we learning?


This class is focused on how to grab the audience’s attention and have them hanging on your every word. Here we learn the art of speaking with presence. 

  • The Anatomy of a Story

  • Elements of a Powerful Speech

  • Building Rapport with Any Audience

  • Purpose and Impact of Your Story 


Check out all you'll absorb:

In the moment training exercises that allow you to implement what you’ve learned.


You’ll learn how to have a dialogue -not a monologue - so you have full command of your audience and get a rousing round of applause, rave reviews and call backs, again and again.


Where and how to find your origin story and more. 


Dedicated time for brainstorming, scripting and outlining your content. No secrets just strategies.


During class we will apply the strategies to your signature speech as we call it the origin story. Don't worry we'll help you find stories to tell, choose a signature story, apply tools to craft the story and show your story. 


Stage Ready Speaker Origin Story

Lock in your seat today. If you desire to inspire action, telling stories will take you there.

  • When: Saturday, September 18, 2021

  • Time:  1:00 PM - 4:00pm EST

  • Where: Zoom Meeting

  • What should I know:

    Take care of yourself. Take a break when needed. Arrive on time. The first 3 are guaranteed to share their story for immediate live coaching.

    Check your email for your downloadable workbook.

    A payment plan is available. Each payment is 2 weeks apart. The entire class will be recorded and available for purchase to include in your library. 

7 Days

Money Back Guarantee

What are others saying?

Ereena George

Speaker, Author, Real Estate Investor

This training was helpful because it allowed me to see being a speaker at a different level. Many times when I am on a stage it’s all I think about, however, the training taught me to view my job as a speaker from the angle of the speaker, event planner, and support staff.

Imani Muhammad

Owner, Imani's Original Bean Pies

The training was helpful because it caused me to look at many of the things that will take our business to the next level.  Be it, becoming a better public speaker or planning more successful events. Thank you for choosing me to attend this training!  I look forward to working with you and your team ongoing!!!

Sister Mothyna

Mothyna James-Brightful is described “energetic, passionate and inspirational” by audiences.

Affectionately known as Sister Mothyna, she’s worked as a professional public speaker for over 14 years, she has worked in the field of sexual violence prevention for the last 13 years. During that time, she has trained over 100,000 individuals and amassed over 44,000 hours of speaking experience.

Mothyna was awarded the 2009 Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service in Maryland. In 2013, she was recognized as one of 50 Leading Women in Maryland by The Daily Record and received the Lifetime Service Award from the White House. In recognition of her works, she has appeared in publications such as Black College Today, Ebony...

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