"This training was helpful because it gave me confidence in an area where I had always felt inferior with the first exercise: My Name Story! As a minister, I am mostly an informational speaker who can be inspirational, however, I desire to be transformational. This was wonderful, Mothyna is fabulous!"

Tequita C. Brice Evangelist

Author and Spiritual Growth Coach

If you need help crafting a signature message or how to incorporate stories into your talks. Mothyna James-Brightful is the plug!!!! She's who I learned DIRECTLY from and I still use her techniques.

Kiaundra Jackson

America's #1 Relationship Therapist

This training was helpful because it allowed me to see being a speaker at a different level. Many times when I am on a stage it’s all I think about, however, the training taught me to view my job as a speaker from the angle of the speaker, event planner, and support staff. "

Ereena George

Speaker, Author, Real Estate Investor

"Mothyna James Brightful exudes the very title she holds. As a visionary, she foresees the coming trends of our youth today and prepares extensive programming that will prepare young people for life's journey. Her among her many talents, her ability to address any issue and comfort everyone that comes in her path are her calling cards for success. When you meet Mrs. Brightful you are in great company. Her capabilities are endless. Mrs. Brightful's business savvy is also to be admired. She wears many hats well. She is the rising star in all communities."

Denise Brown, MBA

Ph.D Candidate at University of Pheonix