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During the Origin Story Masterclass, you’ll discover how to develop the signature speech that explains your “why” to every single person who ever attends one of your speaking engagements.


You’ll also gain insight on how to use your signature story and master the art of “speaking with presence” so you not only grab the attention of your audience but hold onto it throughout your entire speech.


Overall, you’ll leave the masterclass with in-depth knowledge on everything you need to know to craft a compelling signature story and engage your audience, including how to:

And the best part is that you’ll put action behind everything you learn during the masterclass through our in-the-moment-training exercises. This way, you’ll already have considerable experience using the new techniques by the time you book your first (or next) speech.


PLUS, you’ll have us supporting and encouraging you every step of the way while you brainstorm, outline, write and tweak your speech.

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The Origin Story Masterclass is only intended for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and storytellers who are truly ready to grab their audience’s attention and get noticed for their unique story and storytelling abilities.


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  • Are you ready to move beyond?

    a signature message and develop a memorable, attention-grabbing origin story instead?

  • Are you ready to truly connect?

    with your audiences instead of simply talking in their direction and hoping they listen?

  • Are you ready to have people hanging on your every word and eagerly anticipating what you’ll say next?

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